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> How do I grow my business when my existing channels aren't delivering?
> How do I ensure my channels and brands are effectively integrated?
> How do I expand distribution and minimize channel conflict?
> How do I integrate a new business acquisition into existing channels?
> Before I make an acquisition, how do I evaluate the market, products, and potential conflicts with existing channels?
> What are the most effective methods to evaluate and change channel pricing programs?
> How do I bring new products to market that do not fit into existing channels?
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Implementing Channel Strategies for Profitable Growth
Frank Lynn & Associates is an internationally recognized channel marketing strategy consulting firm. We provide clients with the expertise, marketplace research, resources, channel marketing workshops and tools needed to design and implement a go to market strategy that grows long-term market share and profitability.

For over 30 years and in more than 3,000 engagements, we have demonstrated that HOW a company reaches its customers is just as important as WHAT products or services the company chooses to sell.

Whether using direct sales, wholesale distributors, resellers, specialists, dealers, third-party catalogs, or some combination, too many managers overlook the role of distribution channels in effectively and efficiently meeting customer needs. This neglect presents a real financial and market share risk for companies who need to compete in an increasingly sophisticated, global marketplace.

Our core services include market segmentation, channel selection, channel sales, channel program design, brand strategy, pricing strategy, partner tiering, new product/market assessments, Insight Market Research, brand/channel integration, integrated supply planning, and marketing due diligence for acquisitions.
Our approach is based on the market - actual customer, channel and competitive practices. While tapping the leading edge of business and channel theory, our recommendations succeed only by passing the test of practical, real-world implementation.
> Channel Strategy Design
June 7
> Channel Pricing Strategy
June 8
> Professional Sales Channel Management
June 9
Sales Channel Effectiveness Audit
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